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Convincing the little ones can be an enormous task especially if they know you well - If you are standing in for Santa then you really need to look the part from head to toe...


Here at Harlequin we think our Santa hire costumes are simply the best. Our plush and velvet Santa costumes range in size from standard to 3xl. The styles vary from fur trimmed jacket and trousers to mid length coats with attached hoods and boot covers with bells that Jingle all the way! We also have floor  length coats and fur trimmed boots.

To complete the look we sell Santa wigs, beards, glasses, gloves, we even provide extra padding for the tummy area if required.


Our Santa suits are very popular which means we have returning customers and whilst we have an extensive range available we recommend that you visit our store and book your costume early to avoid any possible disappointment. 

Please ask about other festive hire costumes we have available for example Snowman, Elf, Reindeer, Gingerbread man and Penguin.... CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR HIRE PRICES

Coat, with cape, trousers, belt & hat - £60 hire
Coat with cape, trousers, belt & hat
£40 HIRE - Long plush coat with hat
£40 HIRE - Coat, trousers, hat & belt
£40 HIRE - Jacket, trousers, hat & belt
£40 HIRE - Nordic coat with attached hood, trousers, belt & boot-covers with bells
£30 HIRE - Shirt, waistcoat & trousers
£70 HIRE - Long coat, trousers, shirt, waistcoat & hat
£40 HIRE - Elf Costume, head & shoes
£30 HIRE - Elf Jacket, trousers, hat, belt & scarf
£30 HIRE - Elf dress, hat & belt
£30 HIRE - Elf jacket, trousers, shoes, hat & belt

As part of our seasonal stock we carry a wide range of Santa wigs and beards. We also have Santa accessories such as glasses, boot-covers, gloves and even pipes for the old traditional look.

Visit the store

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